>I think the binding for F1 might be in your window manager / OS rather
>than the GIMP.  I would check the keyboard shortcut configuration menu
>for your window manager ("Windows", Gnome, or etc), and unset F1 if it
>is used there.

Thanks - it probably is the OS overwriting my GIMP shortcut. I use Windows 10
and have just spent several houres tying to find out how to disable F1 (or all
fn keys). Looks like it can't be done simply in Windows, you need to go to
advanced startup and look for it in UEFI. I have done that after watching and
reading tutorials, went through the complete menus of my AsRock UEFI but
couldn't find the place to disable fn keys. This is really annoying, I have
spent far more time on it than I should have and no results still :(

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