I have Photodirector 7 & Gimp 2.8
On a recent trip I put my phone in a clear waterproof bag, well sadly sometimes
the 'flash' (led light) got turned on and now I have a bright spot on my
photo's/videos, and super dark pics.

I know very little about these programs; but is there a 'magic' button, or what
settings do I need to tweek to try to lighten up what parts of the pics I can?

I know I can't fix/replace the white out areas; but I'd like to lighten up the
rest of the image so I can kida see what I was trying to take a photo of.

I know nothing of gimp, so I'll either need an 'easy' button that can fix it for
me, or step - by step (maybe even visual aids on what buttons to click)

I think this will link to a few of these pics, with my attemps to fix in PD7

thanks for any tips!

bryanw20 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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