You point out a problem I may have: I resized the entire image (it’s a fantasy 
map) so i could extend the territory it covers. I thought I had resized the 
problematic layers to the size of the image, but maybe not. I’ll check, and 
your work around is elegant. Most of the layers in the image are transparent to 
one degree or another, and there are numerous small layers (city and other 
feature icons and their labels) that have to be moveable until their location 
is finalized (this is a map for a series of novels, still being written.) I may 
need to change the location or orientation of any of these depending on the 
demands of the story. Even the terrain has to be mutable to some extent. Once 
things are reasonably finalized I can simply merge the layers. Until then, I 
need to use your solution, or put registration marks in—maybe both!

Why this bug, or desperately necessary feature (And I think it can be 
considered as such—why on earth would you not want the ability to fix a layer 
in place?) has not been addressed is beyond me. Admittedly, a little chaos, now 
and then, is a good thing. It inspires creativity. However … ;^}

I remember there is some place to request new features. Must find and post in 
the most stridently polite terms.

Thanks for your help! I have only a beard to tear out, and that is both more 
difficult and painful than the scalp.


> On Aug 19, 2016, at 11:00 PM, Steve Kinney <> wrote:
> On 08/19/2016 01:58 PM, Ross Martinek wrote:
>> Is there any way to lock a layer so that it cannot be inadvertently moved 
>> while working on it?
> I'm not sure I know exactly what is happening on your end, as I never
> had a problem like that.  When that happens, what are you doing?
> As a stopgap measure, making all layers the same size as the image
> canvas would at least let you put the layer back exactly where it
> started, by using the Move tool and zooming in on one corner.
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