On 04/09/16 02:58, mallory wrote:
I want to make a 8.5''x11'' flyer with images i am opeing as layers. I scaled
all of my images (with scale tool) and when i printed the finished flyer
everything looked fuzzy. The wierd thing, is that even the text is fuzzy and i
added it with the text tool.

If your image resolution is too small, the print driver will scale it up and it will look blurry.

To be reasonably sharp and image should be at least 150 pixels/inch (photography) or 300 PPI (text/logo/CGI). For 8.5"x11", this is 1275x1650 pixels @150PPI or 2550x3300 pixels @300PPI.

If you are using a regular display, its resolution is around 100PPI, so the images on it are 1.5x-3.0x bigger than in print when Gimp displays the image "dot for dot" (which is the defaut).

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