Hi Mallory,

On 04/09/16 01:58, mallory wrote:
I want to make a 8.5''x11'' flyer with images i am opeing as layers. I scaled
all of my images (with scale tool) and when i printed the finished flyer
everything looked fuzzy. The wierd thing, is that even the text is fuzzy and i
added it with the text tool.
What print resolution you have set?

The default is, I believe, around 72 pixels/inch, which makes for pretty fuzzy printing. 300 might be more appropriate for a reasonably sharp image. The dialogue will tell you what size your image will print at.

What have you then scaled to, to achieve an appropriate size for printing at the size you want?

How did you go about printing? If you did something like export the resulting image to a JPG file and print that, any text will have become as fuzzy as the rest of image if it had inadequate resolution.


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