I'm trying to use Gimp 2 with my new XP-960 Photo printer, but have found some problems with print setup. I am using the 2.18 version running in Windows. What I am trying to do is the following:

 * I want to print a 27,5 cm-wide photo on a A4 format (that is,
   slighty smaller than the A4). I want the photo to be centered, so
   there should be a blank zone all around it.
 * To do this, I set up the printing resolution (see print_res.jpg)
 * If I select "print" and "page setup" the dialog seems to display
   exactly what I want in a small window (see conf_page.jpg): A
   centered image in the middle of the A4 format.
 * I finally set up the XP-960 driver preferences (see general.jpg and
   more_options.jpg). As I am printing test images, I have selected
   standard paper and printing quality.

When I print a .jpg test image I find that it is not centered on the paper sheet. Instead, the image is printed starting on the upper-left corner, thus leaving two wide blank bands on the right and bottom ends of the A4.

Could it be a compatibility problem with the XP-960 driver? I can print centered images with Paint without any problem.

Another strange problem comes up if I try to change the size of the output format in page setup from A4 to, for example, A6 (about 10x15 cm). I can change it, but to no avail, because if I close the dialog and open it back again it keeps showing an A4 format.


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