Joaquín Ferruz Melero - wrote:

         I'm trying to use Gimp 2 with my new XP-960 Photo printer, but
have found some problems with print setup. I am using the 2.18 version
running in Windows. What I am trying to do is the following:

  * I want to print a 27,5 cm-wide photo on a A4 format (that is,
    slighty smaller than the A4). I want the photo to be centered, so
    there should be a blank zone all around it.
  * To do this, I set up the printing resolution (see print_res.jpg)
  * If I select "print" and "page setup" the dialog seems to display
    exactly what I want in a small window (see conf_page.jpg): A
    centered image in the middle of the A4 format.
  * I finally set up the XP-960 driver preferences (see general.jpg and
    more_options.jpg). As I am printing test images, I have selected
    standard paper and printing quality.

            When I print a .jpg test image I find that it is not
centered on the paper sheet. Instead, the image is printed starting on
the upper-left corner, thus leaving two wide blank bands on the right
and bottom ends of the A4.

           Could it be a compatibility problem with the XP-960 driver? I
can print centered images with Paint without any problem.

This is bug #562619 <>. The problem is apparently in the GTK+ library used by GIMP, not in GIMP itself, though that doesn't help us users much. strata_ranger notes in Comment 26 of that report that the offset seems to be in error by a 10:1 ratio, so multiplying the offsets in the page setup dialog by 10 might give the correct result; I haven't tried that myself though.

           Another strange problem comes up if I try to change the size
of the output format in page setup from A4 to, for example, A6 (about
10x15 cm). I can change it, but to no avail, because if I close the
dialog and open it back again it keeps showing an A4 format.

This looks similar to bug #698035 <>.

These features apparently work fine on Linux, and unfortunately there are very few Windows developers working on GIMP, so they're not likely to be fixed very soon unless someone able to do so comes along. In the meantime, the usual advice is to export the finished image from GIMP and use something else to print it.


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