Thank you for this great group!

I have been stumped on a project that I have been working on all weekend.

I am attaching an image that is my inspiration.  It is a McDonald's gift card
with the french friends and a heart in the middle.

I want to recreate this image with a pattern of images and then insert a heart
image.  Then, I assume that I can just somehow delete the heart image and have
that space now be clear to the transparent background of the image?

I know this is possible, but have no clue how to do.  Please help me!  Thank you
so much in advance for your assistance!

>Ive started using Gimp editor just yesterday. 
>I read the on-line manual but cant find the answer to my question. 
>When I use the eraser to edit an imported pdf file, what remains is
>the checkerboard pattern, not the background color as indicated in the
>tool pallet.
>How do I configure Gimp such that when I erase I see the background
>Gimp 2.8.14p2
>OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks


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