Hi Stratadrake,
I am very sad to hear that GIMP on Mac doesn't support direct scanning. I was
very got used to this feature on Windows.
In the User Manual of GIMP I can read that in the File directory one can find
the Create -- > from Scanner button if there is an Image Capture device

But now coming back to your questions:

-I tested the scanner feature on two scanners:
-Samsung m2017 which is the scanner/printer
-Canon Lide 210, which is the dedicated scanner

In both cases I installed the newest version of the drivers and I can use the
both scanners using Samsung/Canon tools, or Mac tools like Image Capture or
printer/scanner from the settings-->printer/scanner.
Both producers claim the drivers are TWAIN compatible.

Maybe the community could develop this feature for MAC?

Thank you and best regards


I was about to download the sane libraries to tackle the problem but then I saw
that SANE doesn't support my backends.

>If you're talking about the window and controls that appear when
>you're configuring how you want it to be scanned (e.g. exposure,
>brightness/contrast, crop area, etc.), this part actually *isn't*
>GIMP's doing at all.  It's actually managed by the software drivers
>installed on your system, and GIMP is simply calling on it to deliver
>a scanned image.
>And, as the other person already stated, GIMP simply has NO scanner
>support on Mac.  Whatsoever.  At all.
>However, like I was trying to say earlier, this isn't the end of the
>story.  You can still access the scanner in some capacity outside of
>GIMP (preferably with comprehensive exposure controls), then open the
>resulting saved image in GIMP.  I can't be of 100% help here since I
>don't have a Mac myself to work on, but I might be able to look up
>some steps if you answer these questions:
>1 - Is it a dedicated scanner, or a printer/scanner combo unit?
>2 - What brand and model number is it?
>If I know that, I can start searching for answers.
>-- Stratadrake
>Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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