On 09/24/2016 15:19, Elle Stone wrote:
> On 09/24/2016 07:24 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
>> * FPC Music Ministry <astry...@fpcbentonville.org> [09-24-16 05:55]:
>>> In order to ensure I have the latest version of GIMP, should I
>>> uninstall previous versions before downloading and installing the
>>> most recent version?
>>> I currently have 2.8.4 on my computers.
> Whether you need to uninstall previous versions probably depends on what
> operating system you are running. On Linux your package manager takes
> care of making sure there are no file clashes between the old and new
> versions.
> On Windows, at least for Partha's builds (http://www.partha.com/,
> right-hand column notes - Partha has 2.8.14 available for 64-bit
> Windows), yes you should uninstall the old version (the portable version
> can be run without interfering with previous installations).
> If you have a lot of custom settings in your configuration folder, you
> might want to make a backup of the config folder. People running GIMP on
> Windows would hopefully have more details.

I use Gimp for Windows (currently have Gimp installed on Win 8.1 x64 and
Win 10 x64) and just install over older versions. I've never had an
issue with this method (on any version of Windows I've used The GIMP on).

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>> returning this to you per your posted instructions although i find it
>> impossible to completely comply as i do not have possession of many of
>> the
>> copies.  if this was not your intention, you should post w/o the *stupid*
>> trailer, or stop using work related product for personal reasons.
> Trailers such as the above do seem oddly out of place when posted to an
> open mailing list that's duplicated many times over on many servers.
> But it's entirely possible that the OP uses GIMP at work and *for* work,
> so assumptions to the contrary aren't really warranted.
> If someone else already answered the OP's original question, please
> excuse my two-cent's worth!

Perhaps, but it's still a ridiculous disclaimer, though.

> Elle


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