John Smith ( wrote:
> Question 1) Can I add a layer mask, make it active, add some noise, blur
> the thing, get a selection from a previously saved alpha channel and all
> that sort of things through scripts. Don't tell me how, I just want to know
> if I can do it.


> Question 2) Can I access the application state through scripts? I mean is
> it possible to know if a layer mask is already added to the active layer or
> if the layer palette is visible?

You can query the image state, including querying if a layer has a

The UI state is not really accessible via scripting.

> Question 3) As far as I understand it, it is not possible to have toggles
> at the moment. Ctrl z twice will cancel 2 actions instead of undoing and
> redoing the last action. Am I right?If so how do I build toggles in the
> Gimp. I have a solution but it implies having a keyboard listener wrapping
> the Gimp and that's not the econimcal way of doing it.

Oh wow. Sounds like one of my workarounds. Highly overengineered but
works.   :)

I don't think I have heard someone wishing for a undo toggle before, so
we have never considered adding it.

The easiest way probably would be to add this functionality to the GIMP
itself as an alternate way to undo.

Although I'd like to understand why you need it. It feels a bit weird to


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