Am 30.09.2016 um 11:10 schrieb Simon Budig:
> I don't think I have heard someone wishing for a undo toggle before, so
> we have never considered adding it.
> The easiest way probably would be to add this functionality to the GIMP
> itself as an alternate way to undo.
> Although I'd like to understand why you need it. It feels a bit weird to
> me.
I guess, as an alternative "preview". I often use a function, see
whether the result is better than before, undo-redoing while focusing on
different parts of an image.

It's a bit tedious to have two keyboard shortcuts for that, as you have
your eyes on the screen and need to switch blindly between the two key
combinations. Not all people are great in typewriting.

So, if you could implement a undo-redo toggle function easily, please
do! Where do I need to sign at?

Kind regards


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