>Read the docs and you will soon know more than me:  For instance, I
>went poking around and found out that the GIF format uses LZW
>compression.  Just converting to an indexed format would not compress
>image /nearly/ as much as doing that /then/ squashing it with LZW.
>But not knowing that has not prevented me from using the format
>successfully, in its proper place (animated dealie-bobs for websites,
>ror instance), for a loooong time.  This stuff is actually simple,
>a practical end-user point of view.

Ok...gonna try that later on..Thanks....

This is what i was trying to do last night for the 1st time...some instructions
to save the image i was working on:

"The trick with using Gimp, is that when you are finished
 you need to set the skin to BMP
and then select (on the menu bar) "Image/Mode/mode/Indexed"
and then save the file. It will now be in the correct format for the game."
some image for a game......i guess Gimp only saves in 24 bit indexed..wich then
i have to run the file into an application that
reduces it  to 8 bit indexed format so it can be used in the game......


Ricardo10 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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