On 30/09/16 10:56, John Smith wrote:
Question 1) Can I add a layer mask, make it active, add some noise, blur
the thing, get a selection from a previously saved alpha channel and all
that sort of things through scripts. Don't tell me how, I just want to know
if I can do it.


Question 2) Can I access the application state through scripts? I mean is
it possible to know if a layer mask is already added to the active layer


or if the layer palette is visible?

No. Scripts have no direct control on the UI.

Question 3) As far as I understand it, it is not possible to have toggles
at the moment. Ctrl z twice will cancel 2 actions instead of undoing and
redoing the last action. Am I right?

There are parts of the UI that are toggles (for instance, Tab to show/hide dialogs, or Ctrl-T to show/hide the selection). It is normally useful to undo several steps in most applications, and I don't remember ever using an application where Ctrl-Z is a toggle as you describe (but there s no real standard for the "redo" shortcut)

You'll find there are two languages supported out of the box to write scripts: the historical script-fu (a LISP dialect), and Python. Unless you are already well versed in LISP/Scheme, use Python.

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