On 01/10/16 09:16, John Smith wrote:
I answer on this thread, the other one (no subject) was another mistake of
my part.

So as Jan said we aren't all that fluent in typing.

My personnal reason is that I used Photoshop for 21 years now and I
consider that a program should yield to its users' needs and not the other
way round.

To some extent...; You can't take Excel and require it behaves like Photoshop. A program also has its own "philosophy", the more you stick to it, the happier you are. As they says the hard part is not learning Gimp, it's unlearning Photoshop.
For example I need a toggle when working on an image for which I have a
sketch. Sometimes I need to show the layer with the sketch, then hide it
then show it then hide it to see what is on the sketch that I lost on the
image I built. Pressing F8 repetitively in very rapid strokes generally do
the trick. Don' forget to half close your eyes as well😁

This is a two-lines script (plus 10 lines of boilerplate script registration code)
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