I have GIMP 2.8 and windows 8.1. If I open more than one file and try to move 
one with the left-right, up-down icon, GIMP crashes.  I thought I might 
"overload the 8.2 version with a more current version GIMP 8.2.16.  It did't 
work.  So, I thought I would uninstall GIMP altogether and reinstall the newer 
version..  To my unpleasant surprise, the directory still calls it a 2.8 
version and when I reloaded it anew, I still had the same problems; it did not 
work.. I've had this problem with no other vision of GIMP.
I realize that since GIMP is free, I should not complain.  I still have one 
question: When they have a program that works, why do their programmers keep 
fiddling with it until it does'nt work?
Jennings Almond
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