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> Oh my gosh I'm sorry, I forgot that Gimp is released on more than
> just Windows.

It's OK, but giving information about your system is really really
important when asking for help with software crashes.

> Yeah, I run in on Windows 10. I do have exactly 16 GB of ram, but
> only about 40 GB of free disc space left.

Windows might need a large swap file (on the same partition as the main
Windows disk, good old C: itself) so that might be a problem. Also make
sure you have downloaded 64-bit versions of GIMP or whatever you're

> Is there perhaps just a way to cut the image into muliple images?
Most software to do that will need to load the image into memory.

Do you know the dimensions (size in pixels) of the image? And whether
it's RGB colour or greyscale?? Or is the image publicly available
somewhere? And, what size do you want to end up with?

Does Windows Picture Viewer open the image? IrfanView is popular but
has a 32-bit limit on file size, so even though your PNG image is only
one gigabyte in disk size, it's compressed; if it uncompresses to more
than 4 gigabytes, IrfanView will probably crash, as will most other 32-
bit programs.

Some other programs:
* http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/ [view only, no resize]
* http://delhoume.frederic.free.fr/vliv.htm can export the current zoom
view; shareware
* http://fwtools.maptools.org/ (may be hard to use)


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