This is probably such a basic problem to those of you who are experienced, but
I've never come across it before.

I'm used to taking photos, editing them an puting them online. I know that some
images can look a little different from device to device, but this is strange
and I don't know how I can fix it.

I have files on my computer which I edit and then put online. I think my screen
is pretty standard in terms of colour temperature. My images looks fine on my
partners computer and also on someone else's laptop. However, when I view them
on my Samsung Tab2, they're so yellow. What the hell? You can see the yellowness
in my raven painting very clearly, and the one with the woman and the owl in
particular. It's darker and the contrast is too high on it as well. My own
tablet screen isn't particularly yellowish at all, so I don't know why my images
appear so crazy.

I've provided a link fo you to see. Anything I can do to fix it?

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