That's because there is no such thing on a Mac and has not been for a long

All your preferences are kept in your Personal Library/Application
Support/GIMP/2.x. Here x=8 or 9 depending on which version you are using.
You may also have both if you have both version installed.

If you cannot see your Library in Finder, make sure to make it visible.

If you run in this trouble one simple way is to move your GIMP/2.x folder
somewhere else so that you are starting with a "clean slate" so to speak.

If you are not familiar with a system don't provide users with advice till
you become familiar with that system or don't provide advice at all.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 1:53 AM, ferren <> wrote:

> >ferren wrote:
> >The language has probably been set in your user-specific
> >configuration,
> >which is intentionally kept through a reinstall, so that all your
> >customisations are retained.
> >If you don't mind manually editing configuration files:
> >- Close GIMP
> >- Open the file ~/.gimp/gimprc in a text editor (in case you're not
> >familiar with the conventions, ~ represents your personal home
> >directory; .gimp is a hidden directory so if you're using a graphical
> >file browser you might have to type the name into the address bar or
> >set
> >an option to show hidden files)
> >- There is probably a line looking something like:
> >     (language "el")
> >- Change that line to:
> >     (language "en_GB")
> >- Save the file
> >- Start GIMP; hopefully it's now in UK English
> >
> >If you'd prefer a different dialect of English, the other options are
> >"en_CA" for Canadian and "en_US" for American.
> >
> >If you can manage enough of the GUI in Greek, you'd be looking for:
> >- Edit > Preferences (although I think Mac has a different convention,
> >so this might be something like GIMP > Preferences)
> >- Interface (second item in the left side of the preferences dialog)
> >- The top option in the right side is "Language"; select your
> >preferred
> >dialect of English; each language has the code in square brackets
> >after
> >that, so you'll be looking for an option including "[en_GB]",
> >"[en_CA]"
> >or "[en_US]" (whichever dialect you prefer)
> >- Click "OK" (middle of the 3 buttons at lower right of the dialog
> >- Hopefully GIMP is now in English
> On the Mac, it now goes GIMP > Protimeseis > Diepaphe > Glossa >
> [en_(GB)], (ιe,
> GIMP > Preferences > Interface > Language > [en_GB]). So far, so good.
> There was no ~/.gimp file, so I created an empty .gimp folder, in the hope
> that
> the above sequence would inspire creation of a configuration file. This
> has not
> happened, and GIMP stays in Greek after restart, with [en_(GB)] still
> selected.
> locate .gimp  turned up no other .gimp file stored elsewhere.
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