>When you use the word "selection" alone are you talking about the 
>selection mask or the floating selection?
>You don't "move" anything in a rotation if the center of rotation is
>center of the layer, and this is the default...
Ok i explain what I'm trying to do.I have a quarter or circle-thats the
selection-i selected it by color.I paste into this quarter an image-and I want
to transform it and rotate it inside the quarter without moving the boundaries
of the quarter selection-the purpose is to find the right look of the pasted
image because I want to copy the quarter paste it-and finally make a full circle
mandala.My purpose is to manipulate the pasted image as free as I can-I can move
it-but i can't rotate it because it rotates the quarter selection also.I don't
know anything about working with masks.I really hope you have some advits into
ice for me,because really I already tried evrything.If tou have clear steps of
what I should do-please replay.thanks.It all began from an ytube video about a
guy that does digital mandala in photoshop-he pastes it into the quarter of
circle and manipulate the pasted image in all the possible ways.Is there a way
to do it in gimp?

alin33 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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