>I hate to say this, but the list of things you tried does not seem to
>include clicking the "refresh" button at the bottom of the Fonts
>dock.  In my installation it's marked with a circle-arrow icon.
>You will also find a list of all the directories the GIMP looks in for
>fonts at Edit > Preferences > Folders > Fonts.  Looking at that and
>changing it if/as necessary might be worth a try.

ive tried the refresh button many times, it does nothing for me. and i even
tried a shift - reset and still the deleted fonts are there. ive tried both the
yellow and blue arrow ones on the separated windows.

i tried Edit > Preferences > Folders > Fonts as well, and again nothing. 
i deleted both the folders and checked. no change.
deleted both and replaced them with an entirely new folder with fonts and
checked.  no change.
selected the C: - windows - fonts folder. which is in the picture. and gimp is
magically getting the fonts from, those highlighted ones, but when i go to the
font folder out of gimp, the fonts don't exist.

reddog-f13 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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