>Could you have *hidden* the fonts rather than *deleted* them?

why? i didint want them, i tried to uninstall them originally. many of them were
just the same font with slight corrections. so i had 15 variations of a single
font with a few corrections.

the fonts were ENTIRELY hidden from the whole system. i couldn't find them
anywhere else BUT in that one root file and i couldn't even select them in any
regular font folder because they "didint exist". no matter of search could find
them, not even a search through the command prompt could.

once i found them i got rid of them, since they've been sticking around for
years even after i "uninstalled" them from almost very point on my computer. iam
happy to see them all gone now.

reddog-f13 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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