HI all,

I'm a Windows 10 S user. I would like to see GIMP in the Microsoft Store so 
that we can use it instead of Photoshop and other apps already in the store. 
Since GIMP now allows for one-screen use and can be converted using the various 
bridges, I don't know if this would be a huge undertaking.

It would also help take some of the pressure (however large or small it is) off 
of the GIMP.org servers when using direct download, since all updates and 
downloads would be managed through the Microsoft Store. In addition, it will 
ensure that computer registries are not tampered with, keeping the computer 

I hope we'll be able to use GIMP from the Microsoft Store soon. As a user and 
contributor for GiMP for over ten years, it's one of those apps I really want 
to see.

Thank you for your time.
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