No matter what I try, I can't get the plugin to load while using an array in
either the input params or return values.
Taken straight from the 'gimpenums' pydocs, I should have access to
and a bunch others, but using any of them causes the script to fail to load in
GIMP. And just to make *absolutely sure* it wasn't a typo, I tried their numeric
values, too.

I can't just use a bajillion i32's or whatever since the Frankenstein's Monster
of a script I'm working on takes an unknown amount of numbers as an input. Could
be anywhere from a a few to a few thousand depending on how long you want your
PC to act as a space heater.
There's a 65% chance I'll re-do the main function of the script in a way where
it wouldn't take arrays for layer return purposes, but I'll probably come across
the array problem in future scripts anyway.

I've included an example script. What it *should* be able to do is print out
whatever array you put into it with something like the python console or another
script, but it doesn't even load. It'll appear under "<Image>/Beinsezii/" if it
*does* load.


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