>Good day all,
>So thankful to have found yall.Diligently trying to help my oldest
>Grandson with a school project.Currently failing miserably thus
>requesting the experts for assistance.
>I've used Photoshop previously, although it has been years.Found Gimp
>and love it.I have worked for hours trying to simply put my Grandson's
>Face (.jpg) into an 8 second football players .gif

As long as you realise that you are not going to replace any of the animation
studios, you might get something. Treat as a less-than-perfect-bit-of-fun.

You downloaded an 8 sec gif to use. 8 seconds might have 80 layers. If it was
just a static overlay/underlay there are scripts to automate. More probably you
will need to paint in each layer. Tedious but there you are...

Things to check. (1) Is the giff optimised? - if it is, unoptimise in Filters ->
Animation -> Unoptimise. (2) The colour mode. For a gif it is indexed. Change
this to RGB File -> Mode RGB.

The I would select the face using freeselect tool, copy the selection. That is
now the clipboard brush. Size it to suit and you can paint in each layer over
the existing image.

A lot to do there: A little video 5 minutes duration, on the whole process,
including exporting a gif.

https://youtu.be/-Mbi2n9apP4  Hope it helps.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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