Uwe Koloska wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm looking for a tool that can create clickable html-tables with extended
> features.  Yes, I know of perlotine and guilotine, but they both can handle
> normal tables (that is tables with n columns and m rows resulting in n x m
> cells).
> I want to join some cells, leave some cells out (make them transparent)
> associate links and make rollover buttons.
> If there is someone working at this, I would like to receive a pointer to
> this work.  Otherwise, where could I start to implement it myself?
> Uwe

Hello Uwe!

I think another tool that you are looking for is the QuickPage-PERL-Script, a
plugin for GIMP, which takes two layers for  the active and the inactive
graphic of a link and a path to add the desired OnMouseOver-region and URL of
the link. Then it produces the html-code with graphics and saves them.


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