I'm trying to convert a lot of high color png icons 48x48 ... 16x16 with
lot of colors RGBA and GrayScale to a palette with 40 colors to save color
cells on 8bpp PseudoVisual display.  The icons
have transparent background and the motiv is surrounded by black pixels.
(If you use KDE you have seen them already :)

Unfortunately the result of 'Image -> Mode -> Indexed ... -> use custom
palette' shifts the images to the left (I guess this is due to the
simulated shadow to give the icons a 3d look).  If don't cut the black
1 pixel border before 'scaling' down to the 40 color palette the left
border is twice as thick and the left black border is removed.  But
also with the black border cut there is a drift to the left.

Is there a way to dither every pixel to the 'best' match in a given
palette?  Of course any other hint how to do it are of course also
welcome :)

I'm no artist, I just want to save color cells.  So sorry if I used the
wrong terms to describe my problem.  Mhmm, maybe that's the reason why I
could not find a solution in the docs/mail archive/plugins repository :(

Thanks for any tip in advance,
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