[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-02-24 at 2113.06 +0100):
> well, some people, desperate to fight spam, use strange methods to do that,
> firewalling more users than spammers (DUL), even worse, they do it on
> mail-hubs or list-servers, therefore taking policy away from users and
> forcing some policy on them they never asked for.

I have seen some places where suspect mail is hold until admin reviews
it, and hits send or delete. Sometimes I read lists in fast mode, and
I can detect what is interesting, what is not and what is spam.

Well, I will keep on increasing anarchy in (/ adding entrophy to) the
system. Nothing more fun than jumping over obstacles. Keep me informed
if next time SMTP needs SSL, TSL, auth or something like that. ;]

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