Hi Eric,

You probably don't want to use Gimp for this task -
instead look at ImageMagick.  Specifically the convert
utility will do what you're wanting far better than
gimp, with less memory and far less headache. 
Scripting in general is a domain for a power-user of
gimp, and batch mode is even worse.  Unless you have
to do something only present in gimp, I'd suggest
using other tools for this.

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess

--- Eric Belhomme <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I never used The Gimp before, and I have to use it
> in batch mode to convert picture from tif to jpg
> (gimp will be run from a java servlet) this is to
> carry pictures over the web...
> So I would use gimp with a batch, but I found
> nothing about batch commands ! the gimp man page
> just specify the -b flag but nothing about the
> supported commands...
> I downloaded the pdf user manual : it just speaks
> about filters :-/
> And there is nothing on http://www.gimp.org about
> batch commands (or I didn't look the right place)
> Where can I find support for batch ?
> Best regards,
> Eric Belhomme

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