I tried to send this to the gimp-perl list, but I can't seem to get the
right address, or the list is down. Is there a user with an answer out

Carol Spears wrote:
> My (first) plugin crashes on this line:
> plug_in_pixelize(1, $img, $draw, 10);
> How do I make it think that 1 and/or 10 are INT32's? I also tried this:
> plug_in_pixelize(non_interactive, $img, $draw, 10);
> I also tried this:
> plug_in_pixelize("1", $img, $draw, "10");
> and it really didn't like that.
> I think that it is the 1, which I had hoped would mean non_interactive.
> But I am not certain of this. I can't think of an existing plug in using
> the pixilize plugin, or I would have checked there.
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