[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-04-23 at 1317.22 +0200):
> i have a little feature request on the gimp-menu's. When a user could
> add the document-menu (the one under right-click) on the
> document-window, it would become much cleaner how to use gimp for a
> novice user. A user could disable this feature to tune and optimize his
> UI. Putting the menubar into a handle-box would even enable us to have a
> horizontal menubar instead of my current tearoff-menu.

I just hope that if the option is included, the <= 1.2 menu type can
be choosen. For me the tear off menus is one of the biggest weird
things. The root level, in tear off, is horizontal and each item has
different size, and each window has one, so you can tear off the all.
The submenus are vertical and each item has the same space than the
neighbours. I preffer the "all vertical, move the same foe next item,
single menu" system (and even more with the triangle area of new GTK+
that provides better navigation).

The following is from GNOME GUI list, a talk about Gimp interface, or
more in general avout powerful (too much for some people) right click
menus (Yves, next time describe where the text comes from and why it
originated :] ).

> On 23 Apr 2001 12:18:09 +0200, Blad, John Erling wrote:
> > > Okay, how about making the menu but with the option that the
> > > popup menu pops up with the cursor next to the Object
> > > Methods (usually what the person wants to access in the
> > > first place).
> > 
> > > David Grega
> > 
> > There was also some attempts to use a more specific but much larger
> > menu system where you posted the menu to some "assumed" state. We called
> > this "click to post". This is more or less what you say but much more
> > complex.
> > You could for example post a menu with a submenu open.
> > 
> > That isn't really a good idea because the user often gets something he don't
> > want. To avoid this we had the idea to use some modifier key but then
> > we shifted the speed gain into an expert function. Not good at all.
> > 
> > Jeff is somewhat off by making assumptions about what items are more
> > frequent
> > than others. We had extensive use case analysis about frequency of use.
> > 
> > Shi

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