I am compiling v1.2.1 with the script at the bottom of this message.
I am working in a Solaris 2.6 environment, with gcc 2.9.5, gtk 1.2.9,
and glib 1.2.9.  Despite having compiled and installed the
graphics libraries shown in the script, and despite gimp's
configure finding the graphics libraries, the configure script
WILL NOT find the header files.  I have done several things:

1) I have copied the header files to /usr/include, they're not found.
2) I have linked the header files from /usr/include, they're not found.
3) I have moved the header files into the lib directory where
gimp's configure DOES find the libraries, and the headers are not found.
4) and this is interesting, I have EDITED the configure script, making
hard-path references to the graphics header files (e.g. 
for each of the libraries (lots of work).  This FOOLS the configure script, 
it reports
that it finds the headers. However, when I run a gmake and gmake install, gimp
compiles, but without JPEG,TIFF,GIF,PNG,or XPM support!

So, I know gimp runs, but it won't for the life of me find the graphics header
files that it needs.  Several points to desuade questions you might have:

1) gtk works
2) glib works (given the point above)
3) zlib, png, jpeg, xpm, gif, tiff LIBRARIES are found and work.  zlib 
headers ARE found
I know these graphics libs work because I compiled WindowMaker against them.
4) GIMP WORKS but without the graphics support, it just uses RGB or 
whatever it's
default is called. :(  It clearly finds all the standard header files, and 
reports finding them
in the configure output.

Any help is MUCH appreciated, as this is not just for me, but for the 
people who
write my paycheck, and I want to make them happy, with a happy version of gimp.
Script follows:

---------------------------------------------------(this line not in script)
# Installation script for gimp 1.2.1 on /usr/slocal/gimp-1.2.1
# GJB 06/08/01

setenv CC gcc

setenv PATH /usr/slocal/bin:$PATH


./configure --prefix="/usr/slocal/gimp-1.2.1" --disable-shared


#gmake install
---------------------------------------(this line not in script)

Thanks again,

Gustaf Barkstrom

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