Oskar Parmhed wrote:

> Please help!!!!!
> I've just been putting some 6 or so hours into getting the GIMP installed.

Oh my.

> When trying to load a postscript file (I know that it is
> ok) I get "Can't find initialization file gs_init.ps." in the terminal
> window where I started gimp, and a dialog just tells me that it couldn't
> load the image.

Gimp does not interpret PostScript, for that it uses the GhostScript interpreter.
This is a open source program, currently its home page is


Likely you don't have GhostScript installed correctly on your machine.
It was able to start, but it was unable to run its initialization PostScript
file (gs_init.ps). The error message you got is just the one that the interpreter
spits out when it can't find/read its initialization file.

It couldn't find it.

Or the user process it was running under doesn't have permission to
read  it.

On a Red Hat Linux 7.0 distribution, it lives in a directory like this:


where <maj>.<min> is a version number like "5.5"
your installation may vary.

I think you'll probably have to talk to the sys admin of that machine
and ask her/him about how GhostScript is installed. If she wants to
know the details of how Gimp launches GhostScript, have her look
through plug-ins/common/ps.c

Hope this is some help.

Be good, be well


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