>>can someone please tell me how to get transparency in GIF's..
>>thanks and sorry if RTFM but i've checked and can't see anything but reference to
>>it as supported...but how to turn on in final image?

As GIF is an indexed color format, gimp loads the gif in indexed color format. This
means you have a limited (max. 255) amount of colors to draw with. Other colors
simply does not exist unles you change one of the colors in the palette to the
disired color. Gimp cannot and may not change these colors, these colors are defined
by you. Transparency requires more colors, as colors from one layer are merged with
another layer to form the result. Therefore, in indexed color mode transparency is
not possible.

To use transparency, simply
1) load the image
2) convert the image to RGB (or grayscale)
3) do your transparency thingy
4) convert the image to indexed color
5) save as GIF


note: I use the windows version with dutch locale

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