I download several animated gifs that have white backgrounds. I want to
make the background transparent.  I am new to Gimp and feel totally
overwhelmed.  This is what I have tried:
I open the gif. I right click on the image. I choose "Layers". "Add
alpha channel" is not an option -- it is listed but it is not dark like
the available options and when I click on it, nothing happens.
At the very top of the "Layers" dialog window (above all the other
choices including "Add alpha channel") is "Layers, Channels &Paths. When
I click on that and images of the individual frames of the gif show up.
of the frames says background but it has the whole image there--not just
a background color. The other frames show the white background color
with image.

I tried deleting the frame that says background and the frame is deleted
but when I run the animation, the white background is still there. The
animation may be a little faster because of the frames is gone.

I'm lost. How do I change the background to transparent? Please tell me
very simply and in detail what I need to do. Thank you.

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