The offset dialog is not found under Image->Transforms->Offset, 
but I believe the dialog box is about the same as in earlier 

The real problem with gimp tutorials is that many of them date 
back several years and refer to positively ancient versions of 
the gimp.  Most of these are still useful, however, once you 
learn to translate from gimp-0.99 speak to gimp-1.2.2 terms.  
The major change that I noticed is that what used to be called 
channel ops (or chops) are now more often referred to as 
operations using the layers and channels dialog.

Check out the Xtns->Web Browser->Grokking the Gimp for easy 
access to the latest
book on gimping.  (Grokking is aimed mostly at photo 
manipulation, however, so it's light on some of the other 

The GUM (Gimp User's Manual) is an excellent work by the 
Kylanders, but suffers from the usual computer problems:  it's 
obsolete as soon as published, since it's trying to track a 
(rapidly) moving target.

The online help is good when it exists, but there are still 
large lacunae.  Question:  how should we users submit 
documentation for the help packages?  Is there a procedure in 
place to accept input?

Anyway, the best way to master the beast is to explore the 
menus, and keep trying different things.



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