I downloaded the (huge) Gimp User's Manual and have actually printed out 
about half of it. But there is a problem. I use Gimp 1.2.1 and the Manual is 
based on an earlier version. Menus have changed, and some of the recommended 
command sequences no longer make any sense. For example the example on page 
175 in re using the Offset Dialog  box is very confusing since there is no 
Offset Dialog  on my copy. Has the Dialog been moved or do I need to download 

In any case, is there a schedule for updating the Manual? Would I as a new 
user be well advised to retreat to an earlier version where the Manual and the
software are in better alignment? 

Another question. Is there a tutorial that takes the absolute newbie through 
the various processes step by step? Most of the available tutorials assume 
more knowledge than I have.  

Any help appreciated.

John Culleton
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