[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-08-07 at 0240.41 -0400):
> I oftentimes find myself requiring a lot of precision when moving selections.
> Ideally, I would use the arrow keys to move the floating selection; and
> therefore "nudge" as I see fit.  Unfortunately, I can't find a way to accomplish
> this through any of the menu items, preferences, documentation, or mailing list
> archives.  Is there a way to bind the arrow keys to act similarly?  

For moving with arrows, you must set the Move tool as the current one.
Shift + arrows does big jumps (25 pixels), btw. If you try with other
tool, it will not work.

If you do not make the selection float, you will move the layer. If
you float it, you will move the selection and its contents. If you
want to move only the selection, add Alt to the keys you use (Alt +
Shift + donw arrow, for example) like when moving it with the mouse,
and no need to float the selection.

Another note, each jump eats one undo step, so you can eat fast your
undo levels while moving selections or layers. So be sure that the
previous steps are right or use some kind of trick, like duplicating
the image, doing the test there, and if you like it, cutting and
pasting back to the original.

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