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> On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 01:50:27PM -0400, John culleton wrote:
> > I know that Gimp is considered relatively weak in the prepress area. So I
> > pose the following questions:
> >
> > If an image is created in Gimp, converted at the end to CMYK, and saved
> > as an EPS file, is the result acceptable for prepress use?
> Converted at the end to CMYK by what? GIMP can't make acceptable
> separations.
> Zach

Good point. However I have submitted to my customer and indirectly to a press 
a PS document with spot color described in CMYK terms and they could handle 
it. CMYK is one thing, color separations another.  

I am not running a print shop. I submit to print shops. If the print shop 
can't handle my PS file with gimp-produced CMYK eps files then I am in 
trouble. If they can make their own separations from my material then I am OK.

So in this context, what are your thoughts?

John Culleton
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