[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-09-05 at 0833.26 -0400):
> Greetings,
> Using GIMP 1.2.0, under the File->Acquire->Screen Shot menu, I bring up the 
> "Screen Shot" dialog box. I select "Grab Window without screen decorations"
> and then press the "OK" button expecting the crosshair. Instead, the "GIMP 
> message" poop-up appears saying "can't open file for reading".
> What file is it trying to open? What am I doing wrong?
A little bird gave me the solution to this problem.

You have to make the tmp directory as gimp install isn't doing this at
the moment.  See where the path to the file is via Preferences
-->Directories and make one there.

I fixed mine with "mkdir .gimp-1.2/tmp" from within my home directory.

This should also solve a jpeg preview error message.

Sounds like it will be fixed for 1.2.3.


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