krovetz> Thanks for the suggestions.  I want to circle the area automatically
krovetz> though.  I need to write a script that will determine the area that
krovetz> I want to circle given a range of colors, and then draw a circle around
krovetz> that area.  I'll take a look at the magic wand tool and at Gimp:Perl to
krovetz> see how I can use them to write the script.

samjones>I'd use select by color.  It's easier to put in a script than magic wand
samjones>would be.


samjones>When you say circle, do you mean an actual, geometric circle?  (or as
samjones>close as you can approximate with pixels)  If you just want a rounded
samjones>border, and if the blue isn't next to the edge of the screen, here's a
samjones>cheap trick:

I want to highlight the area of the image that will be displayed to someone
in an experiment.  I figured I would draw a circle around the area that
I want to ask the user about.  The line *could* be drawn around the circumference
of the area (an irregular shape), but I thought it would be easier to draw a
circle that encloses the entire area.  It doesn't matter if a bit of the blue
is cut off - the intent is just to focus the user's attention.


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