> Thanks for the suggestions.  I want to circle the area automatically
> though.  I need to write a script that will determine the area that
> I want to circle given a range of colors, and then draw a circle around
> that area.  I'll take a look at the magic wand tool and at Gimp:Perl to
> see how I can use them to write the script.

I'd use select by color.  It's easier to put in a script than magic wand
would be.

When you say circle, do you mean an actual, geometric circle?  (or as
close as you can approximate with pixels)  If you just want a rounded
border, and if the blue isn't next to the edge of the screen, here's a
cheap trick:

1.  Select by color 0,0,255 (if you want deep blue)
2.  Grow selection by x pixels.
3.  Shrink selection by x pixels.

Where "x" is an arbitrary value.  The higher "x" is, the more rounded the
border will be, but, if your image is within "x" pixels of any edge of the
screen, then you end up cutting off some of your blue.

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