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> Thanks for the suggestions, solved my problem quickly and easily. Some
> worked better than others, though I am sure it was my ignorance that did
> it.  But I would love to see somewhere a little more explanation of the
> screen mode on the bucket fill.  I'm looking at p 126 of The Artist's
> Guide to the Gimp and all it says is screen brings out highlights.  What
> did I do when I followed your directions? 

In simple terms, Screen adds color and brightness to dark regions.
Whereever the existing pixel is already above a threshold (defined by the
color being used as the screen), nothing is added.  Where it is under,
varying amounts are added, depending on how "dark" the pixel is.  So the
black regions got full blue color.  The gray regions got "blueified".
The effect is that a photograph, for example, will get lightened and
somewhat colorized, making it appear washed out.

I didn't go into excessive detail in the Artists' Guide because I wanted to
keep things very introductory.  It wasn't meant to be as encompassing as
Grokking is.  I did, however, have to read through the code to figure out
what each mode did.  There wasn't any other documentation at the time that
described them, and I had never (and still haven't) used Photoshop.  

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