Hi Krasi -

For your emobssed text, your best bet is to look a the tutorials 
at gimp.org.
You can reach them easily by following the link from the GIMP 

<Toolbox>/Xtns/Web Browser/GIMP Tutorials

In general the trick is to use your text (say white text on 
black background)
as a bump map.  One can play more complicated tricks with blurs 
and layer
masks, but for a quick preview try this:

1.  Create some white text on a black background.
2.  In Layers and Channels, create a new layer, just above the 
text layer.
3.  Fill this new layer with some medium gray.
4.  <Image>/Filters/Map/Bump Map...  Use the text layer as the 
bump map.

Play with the parameters to the Bump Map plugin - you can invert 
it, or use
linear, sinusoidal, or spherical mapping, etc.  

Your second question:  How to make an image lighter in the 
center and darker
at the edges:  one easy way to do this is to place a new layer 
over your
original image, fill the new layer with a radial gradient 
running from light (in the center) to dark (at the edges), and 
set the layer mode to SCREEN.
To make the effect even more apparent, duplicate the gradient 
layer and set the
top copy to MULTIPLY mode.  

Which leads into your third question:  how to make a layer 
partially visible.

Open up the layers and channels dialog and set the transparency 
for the
selected layer to whatever you want.

A lot of this is explained in both the GIMP User Manual and 
Grokking the Gimp,
both available on line from the <Toolbox>/Xtns/Web Browser 
menus.  I
strongly recommend you look at these references.  I have both 
books installed
on my system and use them heavily.

Good Gimping!


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