[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-10-17 at 0233.32 -0700):
> How to make a text embossed, If I use Distorts->Emboss
> it changes the color, and I need to keep the colour.

Use bumpmap or lightining effect plug-ins instead.

> How to make an image ligher in the center and darker
> in the corners?

Some playing with layers and a gradient... uum, I have to investigate
this, one idea is modes, another masks and another one selections.
Sorry, no clear which is easier and will work. :[

Tried http://www.gimp-savy.com/? Maybe you can learn that there, and
learn other basic ideas that can help in other cases.

> How to make a certai nlayer be 50% visible?

Open the layers dialog, and move the Opacity slider.

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