Hi all,
This may have already been discovered, but a while (long) time ago there
were questions on how to create text on an arc or circle. I've discovered
little hack whilst doing this years christmas cards... and thought someone
might like to write it up somewhere.

It uses the Distorts - Polar Cordinates filter to bend to text.

1). Create an new image. The height of this image determines the radius of
the circle, the width is less critical but will effect the scretching or
squeezing of the text.

2). Place a line of text along the bottom of the image. The whole width of
the screen is adjusted to fit the circumference of the circle, so if you
only want an arc leave blank space at the edges.

3). Select the Polar Co-ordinates filter and select the 'Map Backwards',
'Map from top' and 'To polar'. You will see a preview so you can adjust
the starting angle as required. To adjust the scretching of the text you
have to adjust the image width before applying the filter.

Other tips:
By inverting bits of the text you can generate a button....
Use a high resultion image to avoid artifacts created during the filter
and then scale it down.
You may need to stretch the text vertically before applying Polar as it
ends up approximately 1/2 height.

Hope this is useful,
Simon Wood.

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