Does anyone have an example of a graphic for an e-book cover ---
the kind that looks like a 3d photo of the book? If so I would like to 
borrow the xcf file and adapt it for my own use. 

I considered taking a photo of a book standing on a white table at an 
 angle and then editing that but I suspect that a good drawing would look 
more real than the real thing.  I just lack the talent. Once I have the 
outline, shadow etc.  I can cut out the cover part and put my own stuff in 

There are free gif's and jpeg's out on the web of books but they are 
typically too small to be of use.

There are gif's of ebooks I could modify but 
I don't want to rip off someone else's work without permission. 

 I want to start full size or close to it. and then reduce down to the web 

Any assistance aoppreciated.

John Culleton

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