> I'm not quite sure what you mean by changing the color of the
> first pixel to "none".  Do you want to make it transparent?  And
> do you want that change to apply to all other pixels that have
> the same color?
> To find out your version type "gimp --version" at a shell prompt.
> You can find out the color of the upper left pixel by opening
> the image and using the color picker tool (the eyedropper).
> <Image>/Image/Scale Image  will let you resize one image to
> match the extents of another.
> All of this is fairly straightforward gimping.  Can you post the
> relevant images so we can look at them and maybe understand
> better what effect it is you are aiming for?
> To merge the two images, you simply need to paste the top one
> into a layer over the second one.  There are a number of layer
> modes with independent transparency that you can play with.
> Tell us more and maybe we can be of more help.
> --
> --Jeff

dear jeff and other gimp-users,

you are right, i want to make the first and all other pixels with the same
colour having no colour (schnee.tiff) and
then the whole image transperant

then i want to merge the images (schum.tif and the new schnee.tiff) so that
schnee is the upper image and the result has the size of schnee.

the result should be a map for the web looking like neuschnee.jpg

the problem is, the whole project has to run without user interaction, so i
need the way with script-fu.
im new with gimp but i used photoshop for several years so everything looks

you will find the images on our ftp-server: ftp://ftp.gis.univie.ac.at/ in
incoming folder the file is called gimp.zip


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