dear gimp-users,
I just started to use gimp for my current project. The hole project runs in batch-mode so I need the Scdipt-fu commands.
Iīm working on a linuxsystem (suse 7.1) and  i think the latest version of gimp is installed?!
i have a tiff with indexed coulors (xxx.tif 1232x686 PseudoClass 256c 827kb TIFF 0.1u 0:01)
what i want to do is:
1. change the colour of the first pixel into none, but donīt resize the picture. the coulor is changing!
     so how can i find out the colour of the first pixel (left top) and change it into none?
2. now this picture has to get the same extent as anotherone (yyy.tif), the second picutre is the layout for   the first. therefor i have to resize the first one of them.
3. then i want to merge the pictures, so that the upper one is transparent
the output schould be a map of austria for the internet. i hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

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