On 2002-03-05 at 0746.25 -0800, lee typed this mail:
> hi..
>        I posted this originally week ago or so but no answer so trying again
> just in case:
> ---------------
>        I am trying to accomplish stacking a layer behind another one to
> accomplish what I"m doing manually now ( open imageA>paste imageB>new layer
> mask>50%Opacity>remove part of imageB that I want to hide beneath
> imageA>slide back to 100%Opacity and voila! ImageB apears to be hid in part
> behind imageA) and not finding the right combination.
>        I am using at moment anyway the windows version 1.2.3 on win98...
> thx anyone:)
hi lee,

i think you need to open the layers dialog found by right clicking on
the image, then select Dialogs ->Layers, Channels, Paths ....  There are
buttons at the bottom that will help you and if you right click next to
the layer image, you will get a menu with even more options.  also the
transparancy slider at the top might be a big help.

i hope this is what you need.


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